#Entertainment: Do you think The Weeknd is too old for Bella Hadid?

Updated September 14, 2015 ‚óŹ 1,422 views

The Weeknd is 25 and Bella Hadid is 18. The rumor Is they're dating.


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He's too short..

I think he's too short for Bella Hadid. haha.

JJfad · 4 years ago
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The Weeknd is only 25...

Age is just a number. Not to mention, The Weeknd has a baby face. He don't look like 25 to me. Bella on the other hand looks older than 18 the way she dress.

Christina · 4 years ago
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Age is just a number

I think they look good together. Bella is a supermodel. The Weeknd is a popular edgy music artist. They are both hot celebrities right now.

kayzee1 · 4 years ago
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