You can register by clicking Register and provide a Username, Password, and your Email. If you have an account with Google, Yahoo, or Facebook, you can easily join the website by clicking the appropriate buttons in the registration page. In this case, you won't have to remember a username and password everytime you use this website.
Dizkover is still in Beta and we are still working on single button click to deactivate your account and everything you posted. But you can manually delete your details and everything you post. If you want to remove your information, do the following:
  1. Login and click "Update Profile" on the user menu. Then blank the fields.
  2. Login and click "Update Chat Profile" on the user menu. Then blank your usernames.
  3. To delete your posts, go to each of your posts and click on "action" button to delete post.

Go to "Update Chat Profile" and set "*Who can see my usernames?" to "Only People I Follow".

This means, your usernames are only visible to people you follow here at Dizkover. If a user follows you, you will receive a notification. You can check that user profile and decide whether you want to follow that user back. Your username will remain hidden until you follow the user back.

Content Rules and Guidelines

Dizkover is not an adult site. You can post anything except explicit, adult oriented materials. This means no nudity. You are the owner and and will be responsible for all contents you posted on this website. Violation of this rule will result on a ban.
You can post images with the following extension; .JPG, .PNG, and .GIF. You can upload or link images from other sites.
For now, you can only embed videos from youtube by pasting the youtube link on the main field. We're working on making other video sources to get embedded.

Point System

To control the quality of posts and comments, points are awarded to members.

You earn points as you get more followers, your posts get voted, or your comments get upvoted. At the same time, you get negative points when your comments get downvoted.

By implementing the Point System, we prevent members from spamming, harassing other members, and violating our content guidelines.

1 member follows you1
1 vote to your post7
1 upvote to your comment1
1 downvote to your comment-1
Note: Points are calculated for the previous day. So points that you see today might not reflect accurately.
Can post on own feed-100 point
Can post on public channels-25 point
Can comment on posts0 point
Can upvote comments0 point
Can downvote comments25 points
So if you get less than -100 points, you cannot even post on your own feed. So be careful what you post and what you comment on members post.

Posting Questions Guideline

Start with a hashtag of the topic you want to ask about. Prepend the hashtag with "Ask".

#AskDating: Should I ask her out?
#AskHealth: I feel numbness in my upper abs. What does systom could be?
#AskMySQL: How do select the current date in MySQL?

Topics (Hashtags)

Hashtag is a way to label and categorize the post. It's similar on how it works in Twitter. A hashtag word starts with the pound character "#".
A hashtag word starts with the pound character "#". Any subsequent characters after the "#" chartecter that contains letter, numbers, and underscore constitute a hashtag. If the word is followed by character other than letter, number, or udnerscore the hashtagged word is terminated before that character.

Example hashtag: #AskDating, #LaptopReview, #NBA_Style, #iOS7.
To avoid hashtag spamming, please limit the hashtag to 3.


You can post your original text or link from another site. You can post videos from youtube. You can upload you own images or images linked from other sites.