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Find users near your location. Browse Local user photos by their gender, age, and sexual orientation.

How does Map works?

Your browser will ask your permission to get your location information. You have to ALLOW Dizkover.com to get your location in order for the map to appear so you can browse all users near your location.

Your location information is stored in your browser's cookie. If you want to know detail information about a particular user, you need to register to Dizkover.

If you join this website, you allow Dizkover.com to show your location to other Dizkover users near your location.

Is it safe to share your location?

It is perfectly safe to share your location information. This website doesn't do anything with it except to show you the list of all users near your location in a map. If you don't allow this site to access your location information, the map will not be displayed.