#SocialMedia: How to be safe on Snapchat?

February 15, 2017 · 522 views
#SocialMedia: How to be safe on Snapchat?
Snapchat Safety



Here are some few precautions you can take to be safe on Snapchat

  1. Only add your friends.
  2. If you add a celebrity snapchat you found online, verify it first. Most celebrities on Snapchat has an emoji mark on the right most side of their username. It is a "verfified" celebrity symbol. It is safe to add that celebrity when it's marked with the emoji.
  3. Do not post your snapchat username on the internet and social media sites.
  4. If you want more followers on snapchat and you post your username online, e.g. here at Dizkover, DO NOT follow back strangers who follow you.
  5. So to be safe overall... DO NOT follow people you don't know.
Snapchat · 1 year ago
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@Snapchat: i would add... NEVER post nude pic. People can screenshot your snaps.

rockybalboa · 1 year ago
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