#Entrepreneur: The Accident That Created An App Millionaire

Updated September 17, 2013 ● 616 views

This is the story of Chad Mureta, creator of the popular app Emoji (the app that gives you access to funny, smiley faces) and FingerPrint Security Pro that have been downloaded, in total, 50 million times. Chad Mureta is just an average non-technical person who managed to create popular apps by hiring an app developer.

He shared some advise on how to be successful:

  1. Get your Psychology Together.
  2. Understand the Market.
  3. Don’t Hate. Emulate.
  4. Strive To Form a Mastermind Group.
  5. Cultivate A Healthy Body And Mind.


via forbes.com


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Very good read. Chad is right. One thing I learned from life is to "Always Think Positive".

Reena · 6 years ago
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Good for him. You see... everyone can be successful at anything they aspire to do. He's not even a technical person and he was able to make millions off iPhone apps.

David · 6 years ago
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Thank you for sharing this. It's good a read. The most important thing is... you have to be positive! That's how you attract success.

Robber · 6 years ago
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I'm still waiting for my first million. I know I'm gonna get there.

HenryD · 6 years ago
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