#AskCareer: Should I quit my job and focus on my business online and become a full time #entrepreneur?

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I'm in a dilemma whether to quit my day job as a programmer and focus my business online making web applications and mobile apps.

I earn close to 6 figure on my day job but my online business is also picking up.

I just think that I have more potential to make it big if I focus on working on my web apps and mobile apps. But then again, I'm not sure.

Has anyone here have been in the same scenario? Should I just quit my job and focus on my side venture and make it full time?


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If you think your business would be enough for you to survive then I would say go ahead and quit your job and focus on your business.

It's always better to do things while you're young so you still have time to go back a day job if things doesn't pan out.

Good luck to you!

David · 8 years ago
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This is a serious decision. But if you think you can maintain your business and it will keep you afloat then do it. Otherwise keep your day job until your earnings in your business matches your day job salary.

awesome8 · 8 years ago
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