#HealthAndFitness: Period Plus iPhone App (Menstrual, Fertile, Ovulation, Calendar, Tracker)

Updated November 4, 2014 ● 960 views

Obviously this app is not for guys... lol

Period Plus is exactly what you need to be in the know of how long your cycles last, when your next one should start, plus more.

Period Plus tracks all of the following items:
• Breakouts • Breast tenderness • Cycle day • Cramp intensity • Exercise • Intimacy• Migraines • OB/GYN checkups • Period duration and intensity • Pregnancy test results • Sleep patterns • Spotting • Stressors • Waking temperature for identifying ovulation dates • Vitamin regime • Weight changes • Five additional customizable items

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I have this...

+1 for must have apps for girls

kaylee · 7 years ago
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I'm glad I don't have this problem to track..

Dood that you shared this app though... ;)

FlorixPopa · 7 years ago
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Dear Kirs..please contact me with my skype id...rasul.sliman......need your help..thanks

rasul · 7 years ago
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@rasul: What? Please do not post desperate comments on my posts.

Kris · 7 years ago
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@rasul: WARNING: Please do not spam every posts with your skype username or we will ban you.

admin · 7 years ago
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@rasul: OMG... hahaha...

rockybalboa · 7 years ago
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