#PeopleOfStarbucks: Old man took control of the window shades #wtf

Updated January 18, 2015 ● 442 views

I don't understand these customers who think they run the business place. So I was at Starbucks in Addison, Dallas TX and it was all dark because all the shades are down. It's 8 in the evening so I pulled up one of the shades behind me. And that old man on the couch reading newspaper came up running towards me, irritated, complaining why I pulled up the shades. #WTF!


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Sometimes I just hate going to Starbucks. I hate seeing these people who thinks Starbucks is a library. You people of starbucks! Starbucks is a coffee place, so people talk on there you morons!

David · 8 years ago
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A lot of them think they live in Starbucks.

funny · 8 years ago
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