Pittsburgh #SynagogueShooting Suspect Echoed Talking Point That Dominated #FoxNews

October 30, 2018 ● 155 views
Pittsburgh #SynagogueShooting Suspect Echoed Talking Point That Dominated #FoxNews

In the search for answers after the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, there is newfound scrutiny on the suspect's social media posts and how his anti-Semitism merged with a hatred of immigrants. The suspect, Robert Bowers, complained about immigrant "invaders" six days before the shooting. On October 21, he wrote on Gab, "I have noticed a change in people saying 'illegals' that now say 'invaders'. I like this."

A review of television and online content shows how "invasion" and "invaders" became a talking point in October -- not just in the darkest corners of the web, but on Fox's prime time shows.

via cnn.com


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FOX News is the reason why many people are angry...

Their propaganda reporting cause many mentally challenged people to snap. That synagogue shooter obviouslt watch a lot of FOX News.

awesome8 · 2 months ago
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FOX News is a propaganda network

It's funny how the President Trump and many conservatives cry FAKE News on major MSM's when their favorite network is known for pushing conspiracy theories. It's easy to check whether a news is a lie. There are facts. But I guess they believe to what Kelly-anne said... they believe on alternative facts.

pete808 · 2 months ago
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