How to do a 20 minute core exercise? 💪 #CoreExercise

March 9, 2019 ● 29 views
How to do a 20 minute core exercise? 💪 #CoreExercise

We all need strong core. This 20 minute core exercise instruction video will teach just how to do this exercise in 20 minutes.

Here are the four exercises.

  1. Crunches on ball 
  2. Butterfly kicks 
  3. Single leg toe touches
  4. Wall sits combined with medicine ball twists 

Do each exercises for the duration of 1 minute with no breaks between exercises. After you've completed all four exercises rest for 1 minute, repeat the process three times. That's 4 rounds with 1 minute rests between rounds.




Damn 🧐

That lady looks gorgeous. She's definitely making me motivated to go back to the gym.

AtomBomb · 2 weeks ago
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@AtomBomb: meh... she just got an average physique. She's just doing this for social media money.

pete808 · 1 week ago
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