#SNL skit made fun of Jeff Sessions as Forrest Gump and Kellyanne Conway's missing leg 不

March 5, 2017 · 652 views

SNL looks like it's going to be getting high number of ratings for the next four years. They just got to hope that President Trump does not get impeached.

In last night's episode, SNL had Octavia Spencer as their guest host. But the highlight of the night was the skit by Kate McKinnon as Jeff Sessions and as Forrest Gump. For those who don't get the connection, Forrest Gump is from Alabama and Jeff Sessions was the Senator from Alabama.

But it's just not Sessions who got mocked in that skit. Kellyanne Conway got her piece. "Kellyanne got no legs"! That's referring to a Whote House photo op where Kellyanne Conway sat on a couch with her legs and feet on it.