What's the fuss about Kellyanne Conway's photo sitting in the Oval Office couch?

Updated February 28, 2017 ● 384 views
Kellyanne Conway Oval Office Couch

Kellyanne Conway has managed to be the talk of politics again this week without telling an alternative fact. All she has to do is sit on a couch like how many people sit on their couch at the privacy of their own house. Except that, Kellyanne was in the White House Oval Office surrounded by many people on a photo op.

Kellyanne Conway must be feeling really at home and she could care less what people say about her. All I can say is congratulations Kellyanne! Just do what you do. Don't mind people if they say you lack class. Don't be mindful of how people perceive you. At some point, people will just be fed of you and stop talking about you.



Kellyanne sure feels very at home at the White House...

She just classless. The two gentlemen at the right of the photo was staring at her and probably thinking... "what is this bitch doing?"... hahaha

HenryD · 4 years ago
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