#SNL: Jeff Bezos (Steve Carell) Delivers a Sick Burn to President #Trump

Updated November 18, 2018 ● 78 views

Jeff Bezos (Steve Carell) responds to President Trump's criticisms about the locations of Amazon's new headquarters. #SNL #SNL44 #SteveCarell #EllaMai.


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Only in America where you can deliver a sick burn to a sitting President 🔥🔥🔥

In China, you will disappear if you mock the President. So be proud to be Americans and don't let Trump change our ways!

Regul8tor · 4 weeks ago
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Why Trump hates Bezos?

Trump hates Bezos because the Amazon Man is a much better businessman than he is. Jeff makes more in a week than Trumpie makes in a year. Jeff made his money from the ground up without the little $1 million dollar loan from a daddy. And Jeff makes money the old-fashioned way... he makes it legally and not through Russian money laundering or shady business deals.

Robber · 4 weeks ago
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@Robber: Bezos is 100x richer than him... he said it. haha

pete808 · 4 weeks ago
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