Melissa McCarthy's Epic Sean Spicer Impression on SNL

February 8, 2017 · 341 views

Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer Impression on SNL has been circulating social media in the past couple of days. And if you have seen the skit, you know why.

Melissa McCarthy hilarious impression of a mad Sean Spicer is on point. If you haven't noticed, Sean Spicer talks like a mad person everytime he adresses the media.

Now from what we're hearing, NBC might add Rosie O'Donnel as President Bannon.

Now that would be epic.

Donald Trump administration is certainly making SNL great again!


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She is so funny 😂

kaylee · 1 year ago
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Freaking Hilarious!!!

This is probably SNL's biggest moment since 2008, when Fey & Pohler came on as Palin & Hillary! Great work, SNL & Melissa McCarthy! This has Trump completely rattled, seeing his minion best depicted by a woman!

Cryon · 1 year ago
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