#AskDating: This girl is playing hard to get. What should I do??

Updated November 24, 2015 ● 462 views


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Don't chase women...

People want what they coudn't get! You want her so bad because you can't get her. And she knew it. So she's playing hard to get.

I'll give you a piece of advice. Don't chase women. We don't like guys who acts like a puppy. Let us women chase you!

kaylee · 5 years ago
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So you think she likes you?

You think she likes you and she's just playing hard to get? How do you know that she likes you?

Bacause it could be that she's just playing you and not really that into you. I can't really give a definite advise unless you give us a story.

Aubrey · 5 years ago
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