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1. A question about dating that ends with question mark (?).

  • #AskDating: Your dating question.

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  • #DatingAdvice: Your dating advice.

3. A dating ad in the following format:

  • #M4F #21M #NYC: Looking for someone funny who loves watching The Walking Dead.


  • #M4F - Male for Female
  • #F4M - Female for Female
  • #M4M - Male for Male
  • #F4F - Female for Female
  • #M4A - Male for Any
  • #F4A - Female for Any


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Welcome to the Dating channel. Discover what's popular and trending on Dating. Explore what's Trending Today, Trending in 2024, and Latest in Dating channel submissions. Trending is based on how many people liked the post and tagged the hashtag on the post. Be sure your post belongs to Dating or it will be removed by moderator. Share your news, thoughts, and ideas. Anyone can post on this channel as long as your post is related to Dating.