The purpose of "channels". How channels can help you get connected with interesting members.

Updated July 29, 2014 ● 459 views

When I envisioned Dizkover, I wanted to create a service where people connect with new interesting people based on interests. And this is why Dizkover have "channels" and not long and detailed profile information like what you see on dating sites. In my opinion, those are bs.

Channels are topic sections where members can share their thoughts. If you post a lot in Travel channel, this is an indication that you are a type of person who is outgoing or well-travelled. If you post a lot in Funny channel, then you are someone fun to be with!

Members here check your profile page before they decide to connect with you. If they see nothing meaningful on your profile page, other members usually just skip your profile.

So if you want other members to get a feel of who you are, post on channels. What you post on channels shows up in your profile page. So if you like Music, share something on Music channel.

Don't just post asking members here to add you on Snapchat, specially if you are a guy. You got to ask yourself, why is it worth for other members to add you on Snapchat? This is the reason why, noone bothers to reply to your post if you are only asking them to add you on Snapchat. This usually only works for girls. You know why, because guys will just hit up any girls.

But for girls, unless I guess you got the swag in your photos, then they will probably respond to your request to connect. But still most girls will go for something deeper than swag.

You get the idea.


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