Snapchat has been declining in the past couple of months and here's the proof

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Snapchat has been declining in the past couple of months and here's the proof
Google "Celebrity Snapchat" Search Trend

Google "Celebrity Snapchat" Keyword Search

Majority of Dizkover's traffic comes from Snapchat related searches from Google. And we're losing a lot.

When I launched Dizkover over 3 years ago, I researched a way to drive traffic to our social media platform. From my research, I noticed the rise in people searching for celebrities on Snapchat.

Celebrities are the reason for the sudden surge of Snapchat popularity in recent years. Celebrities helped spread the app to their fanbase. Instagram users who are already following their celebrities downloaded the app. And people started searching usernames in Google.

So I created a channel dedicated to Snapchat where users can post celebrity Snapchat usernames. It was a success. Last year, Dizkover was getting 50,000+ daily unique visitors from Google referral at its peak.

Google "Celebrity Snapchat" Search Sharp Decline

But in the past couple of months, I noticed a sharp decline in Dizkover's Google referral traffic.

Upon checking Google Trends, there's also a sharp decline of people searching for "celebrity snapchat." The decline started around August of 2016. And it continues to decline this year.

The decline in Snapchat related searches occured in the same period when Instagram released Stories. For those of you who don't know Instagram Stories, it is a copy of Snapchat. I believe this is the reason why people stopped searching for "celebrity snapchat". Their favorite celebrities began posting stories on Instagram.

If you are a celebrity, posting a story on Snapchat would just be a waste of time knowing that you have more followers on Instagram.

Instagram Stories vs Snapchat

The advantage of Instagram over Snapchat is pretty obvious. Instagram is not just both photo and video anymore. It's also disappearing stories and now has live video. And you can also easily search for people.

This is a disaster for Snapchat's IPO. The decline in Snapchat searches in Google only means they are losing a lot of users. If I were Evan Spiegel, I would cash out now.

With regards to Instagram, Instagram related searches on Google is on steady climb. So if you're an investor, I would put my money on Facebook instead of Snapchat. (Disclosure: I have my money on FB)

Update: Snapchat users are losing interest and they are on the decline

1.) Google "Instagram" Search Trend



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The trending show a very steep decline...

I think people are still more interested in celebrities. The reason why TV/Movies/Music are huge business. I think Snapchat should work on how to make it easy to find celebrities and creators on Snapchat. I tried to use and I don't know how to find interesting people.

Startup · 7 years ago
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Updated trend still shows decline in users interest on Snapchat

Updated trend still shows decline in users interest on Snapchat admin · 7 years ago
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Make sense... if celebrities can do everything on Instagram... what's the point of Snapchat?

This really sucks for Snapchat though. For sure their IPO price will go lower. Unless they show proof that Snapchat user engagement are actually growing.

Cryon · 7 years ago
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