#Announcement: New Feature Called "People Discovery Engine"

Updated November 4, 2018 ● 45 views
#Announcement: New Feature Called "People Discovery Engine"
People Discovery Engine

As you might have noticed, we recently redesigned our website. Along with the new design, we added a new feature called People Discovery Engine. 

What is People Discover Engine?

People Discovery Enginer or PDE™ is a new algorithm that helps users find like-minded people. Base on your settings, PDE™ recommends people with similar interests and filter out those who are not compatible with you.

How Does People Discovery Engine Works?

Just set at least 3 hashtags of interests you like and you dislike. For example, if you like #Dating and #Friendship but you don't like #Flirting, just set those hashtags in your likes and dislikes and PDE™ will recommend people who share your interests.

If you like those recommended people, just follow them so you see their posts in your feed. All you need to do is be honest with what you like and what you don't like and you'll guanrantee to find people who are just like you.


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