#Announcement: We made a change on Snapchat channel in order to help you discover real interesting people to follow on Snapchat. Read more.

Updated February 17, 2015 ● 4,564 views

We removed the trending hashtags on this channel and replaced it with subchannel hashtags in order to help you discover real interesting people on Snapchat.

Subchannel hashtags are assigned to posts in order to determine the type of Snapchat stories you post on Snapchat.

When you post on this channel, tag yourself whether your stories is about #Animals, #Arts, #Fitness, #Sports, etc. Other users can tag you if they think you post interesting stories on particular subchannels you are tagged in. For example, if you tagged yourself in #Fitness, other people can tag you too on #Fitness (+1). The more tags you get on #Fitness, the more popular you are on the #Fitness subchannel.


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