Where to find gigs to write viral contents similar to BuzzFeed or Mashable?

Updated June 5, 2014 ● 239 views

Are you a creative writer? Are you well rounded and familiar with US trends? Can you write timely viral contents?

If you are this person and you are looking for the best writing gig... don't go to Fiverr! Just read further below.

I am looking for a creative writer to join the Dizkover team. My name is Ross and I have years of experience working with various Fortune 500 companies as a Developer. I am an expert in both frontend and backend web development. I understand the world of social media and the psychology of social media users.

I developed Dizkover.com to help social media users discover other users in the world of social messaging and social media in general. I want to help every messaging app users find new friends on Snapchat, Kik, Skype, and all other popular messaging apps. I'm also positioning Dizkover to help people and businesses find success in major social media platforms such as Instagram, Vine, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

Dizkover is still in beta and a lot of exciting features is on the way! But the site is already growing fast! In the last 3 months, the traffic growth increased by 2,000% from 300 to over 6,000 daily users! And it's still climbing.

To ride this growth momentum, I am looking for a creative writer who can write viral contents on the daily basis. In exchange I will give you an equity of my company.

Send me a message at Dizkover Facebook page if you are interested.


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