#Ask: What are the fast food chains that offer #gluten_free menu? | #food #health

Updated November 4, 2014 ● 738 views

Do you guys know what are good fast food chains that have gluten free on their menu?


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  1. Chipotle Mexican Grill. Just don't get the floor tortilla on your tacos. I always order the chicken/barbacoa rice bowl.
  2. Pei Wei Asian Diner. Ask for the menu. I always get the gluten-free Pei Wei spicy chicken everytime I eat there.
RossOne · 10 years ago
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Most restaurants have options for gluten-free now. You just need to tell the waitress that you want your order gluten-free. If you go to the restaurants website, they usually have the gluten-free lists. It just basically suggests substitutes. For example, no bread.

MrHolland · 10 years ago
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