Try these few thing to fix your sleep schedule:

  1. Take Benadryl or the generic version if you prefer to save a dollar or something. It worked for me if I don't do on consecutive days. You basically get very drowsy. Once you lie down, you just end up falling asleep. just set an alarm to wake you up.
  2. Stay up all night so you are exhausted throughout the day. You will probably end up sleeping a lot earlier. But, remember to set an alarm to wake you up.
  3. Set multiple alarms for 10am for 3 days. During these three days, workout like a beast and go to bed before midnight.

I find that being sleep deprived and using up a lot of energy during the day promotes early sleep times. once you do it for 3 days, it gets easier and easier to sleep earlier and wake up earlier.

HenryD · 10 years ago
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@HenryD: Thanks for the reply. I actually tried sleeping pills but sometimes it doesn't work. Like last night.

Robert2 · 10 years ago
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