#AskHealth: #SkinCare: What finally cured your adult acne?

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To adults who used to suffer with acne, i'm wondering what finally cured your skin problem? I'm almost 30 now and i'm still getting cyst acne.



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One thing that finally cured my adult acne is gluten free diet. I tried everything from Benzoyl Peroxide to Salycilic Acid and it just didn't go away. I will always have at keast one cyst acne every week. I think I tried everything you can find over the counter. Heck I even tried laser resurfacing and I think that's the one that made everything worse.

So to those whoe are still suffering, read about gluten free diet. Gluten is probably the cause of your acne flare ups.

RossOne · 8 years ago
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I tried a lot of regimen. From benzoyl perozide and salicylic acid to some internet products sold by some people who showed some testimonials. What finally cured my acne is to stop stressing about it. One day, when all the products I've been using is not working, I just accepted the fact and I stopped stressing about my condition.

I guess it was all about stress. And now I'm free of acne. Once in a while I will get s small flareups, but it's not that bad compared before.

KrayzeeMe · 8 years ago
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