#Technology: What was the most interesting announcement for you in today's #Apple Event?

September 9, 2015 ● 714 views


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iPad Pro with Pencil

I like the Pencil because I do a lot sketching. The only reason I got an Android is because of Galaxy Note. I might ditch my Galaxy Note and get iPad Pro instead.

Cryon · 8 years ago
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@Cryon: It looks really good. I wonder if this is better than my current Microsoft Surface Pro 3...

IDesign · 8 years ago
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@Cryon: The only thing interesting with the new iPad Pro is the fact that they copy the whole Microsoft Surface Pro. The keyboard cover. The stylus pen. haha.

DonJuan · 8 years ago
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@DonJuan: Apple finally admitted that Microsoft is right about the merging of laptop and tablet device.

Regul8tor · 8 years ago
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The new Apple TV

I've been waiting for Apple to upgrade their Apple TV. I like the addition of Siri into the remote. This makes it really easy to use. I also like the fact that you can now play games in your TV.

FlorixPopa · 8 years ago
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