iPhone 7 Scratch and Bend Test Video

September 16, 2016 · 336 views

iPhone 7 is subjected to scratching and bending for this test video. From the test, it appears the latest iPhone is more durable than the previous iPhones. Specially, on the bend test, the phone seems to be stronger than the iPhone 6. So you don't have to worry about sitting on it. Overall, the new iPhone 7 is highly recommendable.


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It hurts me watching this video

I couldn't afford to buy a new one. I'm still using an iPhone 5.

Dagger · 2 years ago
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@Dagger: iPhone 5 is a great phone. I still have mine and just use it when I run.

JJfad · 2 years ago
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I would wait for the next version

Next year will be the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. I would wait for it.

DonJuan · 2 years ago
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