#iPhoneApps: #Review: Prismatic: Always Interesting, Not!

Updated July 21, 2013 ● 668 views

Prismatic is a news aggregator app for iPhone. I've been using it for quite a while now and was pretty much happy with it until the latest update (version 1.1).

Look at the screen capture. "Facebook to buy Instagram for $1 billion". Yes. That was the news last year! I don't understand what it's doing on my front page feed. Not only that, I came across a lot if news that was from 2012. And it just annoys me because now, I don't like to use this app anymore.

As a technical person, I know this app crawls websites to scrape every web page contents.   Now the app is scraping the entire website content as evident in showing old contents.

The developers need to address this or the users will slowly vanish.



I see your point. Who would want to read news from 2012? lol

David · 9 years ago
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