#Tech: Dropbox Just Changed Everything About How You Use Apps | #apple #iPhone_app

Updated July 12, 2013 ● 510 views

Way back when, Steve Jobs told Dropbox that it was a feature, not a product. Which was enough at the time. Except now, Dropbox's reach stretches wide enough, and its influence is great enough, that it just leveled up.

via gizmodo.com


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Dropbox app is one of the useful mobile app. I have all my important documents in there as a backup.

Regul8tor · 6 years ago
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I guess how i use apps depends on what is the app. Obviously, i won't use Pandora to backup files. What i'm trying to say is there are thousands of apps with different use.

HenryD · 6 years ago
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One of the best app!

David · 6 years ago
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