Watch the new iPhone X in the wild!

Updated October 29, 2017 ● 637 views

The daughter of an Apple employee just demoed the latest iPhone X ahead of the official release. The demo was posted on her YouTube page and later was asked by Apple to be taken down.

But it was too late, her video has gone viral and has been reposted all over the internet. According to report, her dad was just fired because of this. It is against Apple's policy to record and talk about products that hasn't been released.

In her viral video, she and her mom was invited by her dad to join him the new Apple campus. They had lunch at the new Cafe Macs. That's where her dad pulled out his new iPhone X to pay the cahier. He gladly handed the new iPhone X to her daughter to film and demo for her YouTube channel. 

So let this be a lesson to everyone. Know your company rules or you might end up getting fired.