#Trump's Old Tweet Attacking Smokey Bear PSA Comes Back To Haunt Him. #SmokeyBearPSA

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#Trump's Old Tweet Attacking Smokey Bear PSA Comes Back To Haunt Him. #SmokeyBearPSA

In January 27, 2015, Donald Trump sent out a tweet attacking a PSA about preventing forrest fires. The PSA is from the US Forrest Service featuring a mascot bear telling people to rake the forrest to prevent fires.

Trump Tweeted: 

Who is paying for that tedious Smokey Bear commercial that is on all the time - enough already!

As you all know, President Trump recently criticized California for poor forrest management and suggested that they shoud follow the footsteps of Finland where they rake its forrest.


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Trump thinks he knows everything...

Trump is an expert in so many fields; forestry management, healthcare, natural disaster relief, estimating crowd size, hiring the very best most qualified people, military strategy and climate change.

Robber · 4 weeks ago
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Trump defunded the parks service when he became President. Doesn't mean this is the causation of the recent fires, but education is always the best way to prevent these things.

awesome8 · 4 weeks ago
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