Holly Holm on The Dan Patrick Show, "Don't Bash Ronda Rousey..."

Updated November 20, 2015 ● 565 views

Holly Holm interviewed by Dan Patrick on his show and talked about why people should not bash Ronda Rousey.


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Ronda was a bitch...

Not touching gloves shows people she's a bitch. Also in the prefight weigh-in where she was acting up and wanted to start brawling. I think she gates the fact that Holly is so nice.

She's like a typical bully who wants to beat up the nice kids.

AtomBomb · 7 years ago
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This happens in any sports. Fans expect you to win. Once you lose, they will turn against you and move to the new champion.

I feel sorry for Robda Rousey.

Ronn · 7 years ago
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