Mayweather vs McGregor Press Conference Kicks Off in Los Angeles

Updated July 12, 2017 ● 606 views

Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor is set to fight on August 26 in MGM T-Mobile arena. They kicked off their World Tour in Los Angeles Staples Center to promote what could be the biggest fight in the history of boxing.


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What a shit show!!

The organizers should be ashamed of themselves. They spent half an hour talking about some shit nobody gave a cares about. They purposely messed up McGregor's walkout. This whole press conference was literally a "shit show". As Dana said, people paid money to be there.

Ronn · 6 years ago
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This press conference suck!

Those nonses wouldn't let Conor talk back they turned his mic off. They wanted Foyd to look good at all times. They know Conor will tear him apart in verbal exchanges. Having them talk separate is not the best way to market the fight and get these old nonses off the presser as well talking all that crap about t mobile arena or whatever. Let them talk to each other. This is a stupid way of promoting the fight. Floyd looked shaky, cringeworthy and scripted.

Regul8tor · 6 years ago
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rossdboss123 · 6 years ago
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