How To Find People On Snapchat?

Updated March 15, 2018 ● 9,689 views
How To Find People On Snapchat?

So you want to find people on Snapchat?

Unfortunately, you cannot just browse people on Snapchat. Snapchat is a closed social messaging platform like Facebook.

Snapchat was created to be a messaging app between friends. But you can add any user if you know their username.

But here's the truth. Noone will add you back as a friend on Snapchat if they don't know you. Not when there's a lot of creepy people out there who exposes themselves!

The only way they will add you back is when they see your profile here at Dizkover and they know you are not a creeper.

This is why we created Dizkover so you can create your Snapchat profile and find new friends to add. To help you discover interesting people on Snapchat.


Dizkover is a 'Social Discovery' platform that helps you find people on Snapchat.

As of this post, Dizkover Snapchat has over 23,000 Snapchat profiles. There are hundreds of people joining Dizkover Snapchat everyday.


Dizkover Snapchat is the only "clean" Snapchat discovery site with real user photos.

Dizkover only accept normal and clean Snapchat users. If you expose yourself here, you will get banned.

Look at other Snapchat username websites and all you see are pictures or guys exposing themselves. And the pictures of women are fake scammers who will just ask for your money.

So if you want to meet potential friends on Snapchat, just create your Snapchat profile at Dizkover.


Find Local Snapchat Users.

Dizkover also implemented a feature where you can find Snapchat users near you. You can filter user gender, age, sexual orientation, and interests.