Melanie Martinez Snapchat is out in public!

August 29, 2016 · 29,632 views
Melanie Martinez Snapchat is out in public!

Melanie Martinez snapchat photos has made it out of her private Snapchat.

Well, she didn't exactly made her username public but she shared a snapchat photo on her Instagram a couple of weeks ago.

So it sucks guys. I know we all want to see her stories on Snapchat. But unfortunately, it looks like she's never gonna do it. Specially now that Instagram stories is out.

What do you all think of Melanie's cute snapchat photo? Is it as lovely as her her songs?

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Melanie Martinez - "Pity Party"



What is Melanie Martinez's Snapchat?

She posted a Snapchat on Instagram. What's up with that? Does she have Snapchat?

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