Kellyanne Conway is a pathological liar

Updated February 6, 2017 ● 310 views
Kellyanne Conway is a pathological liar

Kellyanne Conway said she misspoke when she talked about the "Bowling Green Massacre" in an interview in "Hardball with Chris Matthews".

But in a latest revelation by Cosmopolitan's Kristen Mascia, Conway brought up the "masterminds behind the Bowling Green massacre" in a January 29 telephone interview. Cosmo didn't print the quote at the time.

So obviously, Conway did not misspoke. She has been planting this fake news "Bowling Green Massacre" to the media. 




This lying smug annoys me

i don't understand why the media keeps interviewing her.

awesome8 · 7 years ago
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@awesome8: I don't understand it too. Everytime I see Kellyanne on TV news, she just ruins my day. She's a liar. She lies all the time. You know why? Because her boss Donald Drumpf lies all the time too. So she has to lie for him.

Cryon · 7 years ago
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