A California student named Daniel Chong, forgotten in DEA cell, settles suit for $4.1 million | #news #justice

Updated July 31, 2013 ● 474 views

Daniel Chong, a University of California San Diego student left unmonitored in a holding cell for five days by the Drug Enforcement Administration has settled a lawsuit for $4.1 million, his attorney said Tuesday.

via cnn.com


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Where in the DEA detaining facility he was held? No one went down there for five days? It's really hard to imagine how something like this can happen in the first place - almost makes more sense if they did this on purpose and not out of neglect.

He deserved that $4.1 million. Good for him to get compensated. He could have been dead in the 6th day.

Dagger · 8 years ago
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Daniel Chong deserves every penny. He could have died!

I know some people will be complaining that's it's tax money but the truth is, that 4.1 million is just change.

let the guy keep the money for almost dying.

Dagger · 8 years ago
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Good for Mr. Chong... But, I'd like to see the $4.1 million come directly out of the paychecks of the DEA agents that did this to him. Alternatively, the DEA agents that did this need to be prosecuted!

Allie22 · 8 years ago
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Absolutely amazing this sort of things happens in this country. If this happened somewhere else, he wouldn't been compensated for almost ending up dead. All of the agents responsible for his supervision should be fired for gross negligence!

David · 8 years ago
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