#MAGABomber Suspect Arrest: Who is Cesar Sayoc?

October 26, 2018 ● 610 views
#MAGABomber Suspect Arrest: Who is Cesar Sayoc?

Cesar Sayoc, the man sources say was arrested Friday in connection with suspected explosive packages sent to prominent politicians and others, is a 56-year-old Florida man with an arrest history that includes an alleged bombing threat, records show.

At least 10 bombs were sent to following prominent Democratic politicians and celebrities, including CNN.

  • Billionaire investor George Soros: One package, delivered to his home in New York. The package was reported to police Monday and rendered safe.
  • Hillary Clinton: One package addressed to her in New York but intercepted by the Secret Service on Tuesday evening. Clinton's home is in Chappaqua, but the Secret Service said the package was addressed to her in broader Westchester County.
  • Barack Obama: One package mailed to Washington but intercepted by the Secret Service at a screening facility. The Secret Service reported the existence of this package Wednesday.
  • Former Attorney General Eric Holder: This package, announced Wednesday, was addressed to him but sent to the Florida office of Democratic US Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
  • Democratic US Rep. Maxine Waters: Two suspicious packages were announced Wednesday: one intercepted at a congressional mail-screening facility in Maryland and a second one found at a postal facility in Los Angeles.
  • John Brennan: A "live explosive device," according to New York police Commissioner James O'Neill, was addressed to the former CIA director and delivered by courier to CNN's offices at the Time Warner Center in New York. It was discovered there Wednesday morning.
  • Actor Robert De Niro: A suspicious package sent to him at the Manhattan building where his production company is based was reported to police Thursday. It shows similarities to the other pipe bomb packages, sources said.
  • Former Vice President Joe Biden: Two packages intercepted at post offices in Delaware. Authorities reported their discovery Thursday.
  • Democratic US Sen. Cory Booker: A package addressed to Booker's Camden, New Jersey, office was found in Florida and is similar in appearance to the others, the FBI said Friday.
  • Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper: A package addressed to Clapper and CNN was found at a New York City postal facility, a law enforcement official said Friday.
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Cesar Sayoc's van is full of Trump stickers and CNN Sucks

Obviously, he's a die hard Trump supporter... haha. If you watch FOX News, they are blurring out the van so their viewers doesn't know one of their kind is a lunatic.

awesome8 · 5 years ago
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Cesar Sayoc seen at a Trump rally

Here is the man himself, Cesar Sayoc, who tried to ASSASSINATE a large portion of the leadership of the Democratic party -- AT A TRUMP RALLY.

Robber · 5 years ago
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