I just saw 'Safe Haven' movie on #Netflix, oh boy this got the weirdest movie ending twist. So weird that I have to post about it here.

Updated February 20, 2015 ● 766 views

If you got nothing to do and no other option to watch on Netflix aside from Safe Haven starring Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough, then stop right now. Don't read the next paragraph because I'm gonna tell you a spoiler that will make you scratch your head.

There are few twists on this movie. Including, Julianne's character supposedly a murderer when in fact she's just being hounded by her alcoholic police husband. She tried to escape her husband and started a new life in Southport, North Carolina where he met Josh's character. So this part is a pretty standard twist and it's ok. But the twist in the end will make you say WTF!?

Before the movie ended, Josh gave her a letter from his dead wife. Who happened to be Jo, the new friend she met. Jo is a ghost! A thriller movie with a ghost in it. The movie was just ok until the final twist made you say WTF! And you will wonder did it just become the worst movie you've seen?


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