"Bloodline" Will End on Netflix After Season 3

September 15, 2016 · 337 views
"Bloodline" Will End on Netflix After Season 3

The third season of the twisted family drama "Bloodline" starring Kyle Chandler will be its last on Netflix. 

via hollywoodreporter.com


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That's good news

Season 1 was amazing. Season 2 felt bloated and pointless. There's no way I was going to watch Season 3 but making it a series ender means it should actually build to a satisfying conclusion.

Becky · 2 years ago
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@Becky: I just saw Season 1. So you're saying I should just skip this show?

Elisha · 2 years ago
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Kind of Slow, and GOD I HATE Kevin

Through out this entire show, I have hated Kevin. Such a whiner. So annoying and a loser. He is one of those people in real life that you would have nothing to do with as he does nothing but complain. 

Kyle Chandler has always been a hottie to me. He is the standard tragic hero in this show. This show had potential, but it was so long and drawn out. All the twists. And Danny having a son and a that mom who can't act? Really just killed season 2. 

KLttyKat · 2 years ago
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