#Food: What Your #Coffee Preference Says About You...

Updated July 13, 2013 ● 773 views

Whether you're a latte lover, an Americano drinker or one who prefers to sip on a white hazelnut nonfat macchiato with whipped cream, your coffee preference says a lot about the type of person you are.

via mashable.com


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Hmmm... I like latte so.. I'm reflective but often indecisive. And I like the safe pick. Pretty interesting.

RossOne · 9 years ago
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@RossOne: Me too... what it says about me is pretty much on the spot :).

Candy6 · 9 years ago
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My drink is not there... i go for iced green tea. I wonder what that says about me...?

Cryon · 9 years ago
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