Latest Ariana Grande photos since the Manchester bombing

May 24, 2017 · 536 views
Latest Ariana Grande photos since the Manchester bombing

An emotional Ariana Grande was photographed arriving in her hometown in Florida after the bombing at her concert in Manchester UK. Ariana was supposed to have two more concerts in the UK which has been suspended. The tragedy that killed 22 young concert goers and injured 60 more was one the deadliest terrorist attack in the UK. Arriving in her hometown in Boca Raton, Ariana and her mom was met by her boyfriend Mac Miller and several entourage.


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Poor Ariana Grande...

Looks like this tragedy really hit her hard. If you were not at the concert and felt sad about the deaths, what more if it was your concert. Let's just all pray for the victims of the Manchester bombing. And we should all stand strong and not let all these coward terrorists change who we are.

amy21 · 1 year ago
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