SNL mocked Trump for his compulsive Tweeting, 45 mins later, Trump tweeted about it

December 4, 2016 ● 514 views

Saturday Night Live doesn't run out of President-elect Donald Trump sketches. Last night, SNL made fun of Donald Trump for his compulsive tweeting.

On the hillarious SNL sketch, Donald Trump was portrayed by Alec Baldwin and Kellyanne Conway was portrayed by Kate Mckinnon. Trump and Conway was in a meeting for security briefing and he was retweeting random people's tweets instead of paying attention to the briefing.

Apparently, Donald Trump was watching SNL last night and the joke didn't sit well on him. And, not surprisingly, Trump tweeted about it.

Alec Baldwin saw the tweet and replied to Donald Trump:

I think SNL will have increase in viewerships in the next four years. Good for Alec Baldwin. Thanks to Donald Trump.