Hulk Hogan awarded $115 million in Gawker sex tape case

March 18, 2016 ● 480 views

The jury in Hulk Hogan's invasion of privacy suit against Gawker Media awarded the ex-wrestler $115 million on Friday.

The six person jury -- four women and two men -- deliberated for nearly six hours.

Hogan, dressed all in black including a black bandana, cried when the verdict was announced.




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Good for Hulk Hogan...

Publishing Hulk Hogan's leaked sex tape is not news. Let this be a lesson to other media that publishing private matters such as a leaked sex tape will cost you millions if you get sued.

rossdboss123 · 5 years ago
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Double Standards

"We won't take this video down no matter what anyone says" said Gawker Media.

"Anyone posting photos of Jennifer Lawrence nude is disgusting and should be punished. We would never post her photos." said Gawker Media.

Regul8tor · 5 years ago
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@Regul8tor: Wow.

Cryon · 5 years ago
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Don't mess with the Hulkamania!

If you mess with the Hulk... you lose!

Andy1 · 5 years ago
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Gawker is done.

So basically, Hulk Hogan will be the new owner of Gawker. Haha.

Cryon · 5 years ago
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