Three stage whole house water filtration system installation

September 19, 2016 ● 298 views

The Plan. The main water supply line coming from the well and out of the pressure tank is on the right. A 90 degree elbow behind the duct leads to the spin down sand separator. The red and black line is where I made the cut to attach the couplings for the ingress/egress lines running to/from the filter housing. My neighbor advised positioning the spin down trap before the pressure tank. I'll save that for another day.



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PEX pipe was the greatest invention in plumbing since PVC. Love that stuff.

rockybalboa · 6 years ago
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That is cool, clean water is awesome.

This is also a good reminder for anyone moving or buying a house- turn the water on, cold then hot, on full blast, to make sure the water is not awful. I've moved to two different places where the water sucks, and it sucks.

FireHouse · 6 years ago
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