$100 two-weekend kitchen makeover

September 20, 2016 ● 337 views

Imgur user ElizaB posts how you can remodel your kitchen for $100 dollars in two weekends.

As per imgur post:

This kitchen was so gross. It was yellow and sticky and sad and ALWAYS dirty. I had a roommate who cooked like Jackson Pollock and cleaned like a blind toddler so I knew anything I did to the kitchen would just be covered in beer and marinara sauce a week later. I put up with this for two years before it occurred to me that I didn't have to live like this. So, long story short, she moved out and I went nuts with a shit ton of Simple Green and diatomaceous earth.

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Fantastic job on this kitchen makeover!

Doing a herringbone pattern on the floor is very difficult. The reason the planks were 35 7/8 in. is because they are made overseas. China , Korea, etc. And they use the metric system. I run into this a lot. The embossing leveler system is not that complicated. But your floor will be fine without it. embossing leveler is used to fill in the "embossed" pattern in the existing tile that you laid over. Over time if you really look close at the floor you might be able to see the pattern of the old tiles telegraphing through the new floor. But I doubt you will ever even notice it. Using the brown caulk it fill the gaps is fine. The rolling pin was a clever idea. All in all I think you did a great job. It looks a helluva lot better than it did.

FireHouse · 6 years ago
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I want to do the same thing on my kitchen... but I live on a dorm 😂

DonJuan · 6 years ago
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I doubt this kitchen makeover only costs $100 dollars... looks $1,000 to me...

Jaye88 · 6 years ago
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I like the fusion of modern and rustic look

The flooring makes a huge difference. That linoleum or tile or whatever it was looked so dated. Like it was stuck in the 80s. Wood panels look much more modern and rustic at the same time. And the white cabinets make it look much brighter and happier. Good job.

HenryD · 6 years ago
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