Mexican Weather Girl Yanet Garcia Snapchat Username @iamYanetGarcia

Updated November 30, 2016 ● 5,532 views
Yanet Garcia Snapchat Username

Yanet Garcia became internet famous when people started to notice her on Mexico's Televisa Monterrey weather broadcast.

Yanet is not like your typical weather person. She is a hot looking weather girl. When you look like Yanet Garcia on a weather broadcast, you're gonna be famous.

Because of her internet fame, Yanet has gathered more fans on her Instagram page and on Snapchat.

Yanet Garcia's Instagram and Snapchat username is @iamYanetGarcia.


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Oh my are so unbelievably freaking gorgeous!! I want you to give me the forecast every day I wake up!!;;

krcutterup · 4 years ago
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dat ass.... it's just too much!

...and I like it. Yanet should replace Al Roker on Today show! haha

rockybalboa · 4 years ago
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