Kendall Jenner Snapchat Username @kenjen

March 27, 2016 · 14,656 views
Kendall Jenner Snapchat Username @kenjen
Kendall Jenner Snapchat Username @kenjen

Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid are some of the popular celebrities ruling Snapchat. And it's hard to believe that Kendall Jenner was not on it.

Well, the wait is over! Kendall is finally on Snapchat snapchatters!

Her sister, Kylie Jenner, broke the news to all her Snapchat followers.

So if you are on team Kardashians, this is a dream come true... haha.

Kendall Jenner Snapchat username is @kenjen !!!




Kendall Jenner Snapchat @kendalljenner

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Kendall Jenner Snapchat is now @KendallJenner

Kendall Jenner got her real name as her Snapchat username. So it's no longer kenjen... it's KendallJenner

Kendall Jenner Snapchat is now @KendallJenner Snapchat · 2 years ago
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I wonder why it took Kendall this long...

I guess she realized that she's missing out. Snapchat is a good platform to reach out new fans. Her siste Kylie knows this.

Christina · 2 years ago
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