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vote 10 10 /today Do you know what a #dog is thinking when he sticks his head out the window of a moving car? We all know dogs love a car ride. Well, it's not the car ride per se, but it's the oppurtunity to stick his head out of a moving car. And we all wonder, what... Videos #dog today 12:54am via youtube.com / 0
vote 10 10 /today #Meteor over Russia's Murmansk caught on dash cams Here's another meteor caught by Russian drivers's dash cams. You might be wondering... in Russia again? No. Russia is not a meteor magnet. It just happens that... Videos #Meteor today 11:12pm via youtube.com / 0
vote 0 0 /today You don't like listening to #classical music? I bet you will like this one piece... Dvo?ák - Symphony No. 9 Allegro con fuoco (Official Music Video) B-Classic presents The Classical Comeback: a new music video format that gives classical... Music #classical today 12:43am via vimeo.com / 0
vote 0 0 /today Gorgeous New #Orchid Species Discovered! The new species of orchid, which belongs to the Lophiaris genus, was named Lophiaris silverarum after Katia Silvera, a postdoctoral scholar at... Science #Orchid today 12:37am via website livescience.com / 0
vote 10 0 /today #HotGirlsOnInstagram: Check out Irina Shayk's Instagram profile now! Who is this hot Instagram girl who's been making every boy's girlfriend furious! She is Irina Shayk and she came from Russia to dominate you! ... Instagram #HotGirlsOnInstagram yesterday 5:14pm 1
vote 10 0 /today Common Mistakes in Real Time Translation Real time translation is a specialized skill that can be mastered only by professionals who have an excellent command over more than one language. In any kind of... Business 4 days ago 4:31am 0
vote 21 0 /today #2048 Tips and Tricks: How to beat the addicting mobile game I think everyone got over Flappy Bird. That ridiculously hard mobile app game that's causing some problems with players and it's developer. That... Best Mobile Games #2048 5 days ago 3:37am via website latintimes.com / 0
vote 10 0 /today Do you want to see 'mah #boob'? Very first channel post. I think it's one helluva funny text message! Vote if you want to see her boob! ... Funny Text Messages #boob 5 days ago 12:45am 0
vote 0 0 /today This Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Can Be A Standup Comedian... She's #Hilarious This Southwest flight attendant is going through a midlife crisis and she wants to meet Ellen and Jimmy Fallon. With how well the video is getting around, she... Videos #Hilarious 5 days ago 12:11am via youtube.com / 0