#WhoToFollow: Marina Joyce vlogs about fashion, style, makeup, challenge and mostly things about her... she was not kidnapped!

August 29, 2016 · 515 views

On our first YouTube channel feature we present to you Marina Joyce.

Marina Joyce is a vlogger from London, UK. Marina has been vlogging since 2012.

Her first vlog is titled "BATHROOM VLOGGING?"

The video that's getting so much attention titled "DATE OUTFIT IDEAS".. thanks to PewDiePie making fun of her.

Here is PewDiePie poking fun at her videos.

Marina Joyce became an internet sensation when her fans started to wonder why her personlity on her YouTube videos changed.

Some fans speculated that she is being kidnapped and forced to do her videos.

She recently done some interviews for Philip DeFranco show and she said, she is ok and there is nothing to worry about.

Well, we checked her channel and we think Marina Joyce deserves more fans on YouTube. She is an interesting YouTuber.