Crack Kid is #TrendingOnVine

Updated March 9, 2015 ● 6,433 views
Crack Kid on Vine

A new kid on the block is trending on Vine. And, he is known as the "Crack Kid".

Everyone finds him adorable that he amassed 59k followers as of this post! I guess anyone who enjoys self inflected harm on his own head will find a lot of fans on the internet. That's why the internet was invented in the first place. To entertain the world at all cost!

The "Crack Kid" is Nathan Moszyk. Follow him on Vine if you want to get 6 seconds of entertainment!

Watch some of the Crack Kid's vine clips below:

This kid's definitely on crack right now...

Crack Kid's at it again... go!


Crack Kid when he's not on crack...





Crack Kid #yeahhhhhhh!

Robber · 6 years ago
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